Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's Up To Us

In a recent message from a friend; one that I have known for close to a decade, he stated, "Tell them you're from the media." Well, let's be honest here. I am not in any way the media. Not in the true sense of the word.

I am simply someone who shares the positive aspects of the greater Binghamton area across various social media platforms. Even then, I cannot begin to compare Patti Loves Bing to the likes of What's Goin' On Binghamton or Bingpop with regard to the number of followers and coverage.

However, my friend's six words did get me thinking. 

Our traditional media outlets have their hands full reporting on the more serious side of life here in the Southern Tier such as crime, the heroin epidemic and, of course, the ever popular politics, both local and national. Their resources in terms of staffing has been stretched to the limits. They cannot possibly report on each and every event, concert, play or fundraiser happening in and around Binghamton.

Why shouldn't we be the reporters of good? In a way, we all have the ability to share the positive aspects of our community; especially via Facebook. It's up to us to be that collective voice heard over all the negative and hateful posts about our hometown and its residents. 

My challenge to all of you is to share the positive about our area. Whether it's a Facebook event, photos from the event, or simply a message of a job well done toward a member of the community. The more we collectively share the positive, the less the naysayers will have to stifle our voices.

While I cannot be at each and every event nor share every bit of good news, please feel free in sending me photos or links to be shared on my page. As for upcoming events, What's Goin' On Binghamton and BingPop have the mechanisms set up to get your events posted on their websites.

It's up to all of us to spread the good news.

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