Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dear Binghamton

Dear Binghamton,

For years you have endured the reputation of being an aging rust belt city in the heart of Upstate New York. You have survived two devastating floods within a five year span; a senseless mass shooting that garnered national attention; your unemployment rate and poverty level are both among the highest in the state; and your infrastructure, at times, may leave something to be desired. 

Despite all this, you have managed to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. 

There will always be those who refuse to say anything positive or encouraging about you. They find fault with you and those who work so hard to make this a better place to live, work and study. 

Sadly, when your supporters lash out defensively toward these detractors, nothing is accomplished. A wider divide is forged between your cheerleaders and those having difficulty acknowledging the progress that has and continues to be made. 

Truthfully, there will always be those that will verbally attack anyone who is trying to promote your progress, beauty and diversity. Retaliation against these attacks only serves to bring your supporters down to the haters' level and does not bode well for your image. 

Binghamton, you have much to offer the residents, students, businesses and professionals that call you home. Your strength and endurance to overcome the worst that nature, economics and basic human foibles have cast upon you is something to celebrate. You are the beacon of hope for a better future. One that your supporters who are, at times standing alone in their confidence of you, can look toward for continuing strength and inspiration. 


One of your biggest fans