Friday, May 29, 2015

When a Binghamton Stroll is Just Enough

All too often we get caught up in the events that are happening in our city that we fail to acknowledge the simple things that make Binghamton special. Please do not get me wrong; there is always something going on in Binghamton and no one event or activity is more important than the other. I am in no way suggesting that you shouldn't take advantage of the live music, the outdoor dining experiences, the art shows, the 5k runs or the street festivals. Sometimes we just need to step away from all the planning and organizing to appreciate the little things. 

Last night was what many would consider the perfect late spring evening in Binghamton. Comfortably warm with low humidity accompanied by an ever so slight breeze. The ideal walking weather. So, that is what I did. I took advantage and strolled down Court Street.  This is not the first time, nor would it be the last. Each and every time that I take one of these strolls I am reminded of why so many of us do what we do; promoting everything about Binghamton - the good and the sometimes not so good with just the right amount of quirkiness thrown into the mix.

You never know when you will come across a dog standing guard in the sidewalk planter, 

or a local artist making the best use of the light to harness their creativity.

There are the skateboarding buddies getting together to practice their sport while

the local mallard is surveying its domain.

There are times when you will find you are not the only one out and about. 

Then, again, you find that you are the only one; which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

A Binghamton stroll is just enough to clear your head, refocus and appreciate all the that our city has to offer. These offerings would not be possible if not for all the dedicated local business owners, organizations, musicians, artists and performers who make sure that my calendar is full. Thank you to all of them for making it so much easier and so much more enjoyable to do this.

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