Friday, May 15, 2015

The Rumors Are True

For quite sometime, I have been hearing rumors about the "Belmar Burger". "It's the best thing to hit your taste buds!" It's heaven on a bun!" I could go on and on with the comments I have heard.

While not a stranger to the Belmar Pub, an iconic Westside Binghamton mainstay, there were obstacles that prevented me from actually checking out the validity of these rumors. That is until today.

Folks, believe every single one of the rumors you've heard touting how delicious the Belmar Burger creations are. Yes, I meant to type the plural form of creations since your choices are only limited by your imagination.

The burgers are handmade to order with an endless choice of toppings. If you are really adventurous, you can even forgo the usual bun in favor of garlic cheese waffles. Since this was my first excursion into the world of the Belmar Burger, I chose the Bronco Burger (without the sliced Jalapenos). Upon placing my order, I settled down in the corner and observed what can only be compared to a scene from the classic TV show "Cheers".

There were the those that appeared to be the regulars; being greeted by name as they entered the bar. I actually found myself a little disappointed that there was no one by the name of Norm. The conversations were your everyday type about the weather, their family lives, their jobs, and, of course, "deflate-gate".  I was enjoying being an observer to this little microcosm of Binghamton life; however, this was to be a working lunch so I quickly got back to work on my laptop until my meal arrived.

Arrived it did; in all it's glory. A half pound, perfectly seasoned patty grilled to perfection. A nice char on the outside holding in all the glorious juiciness inside. The cheese was not your everyday slice of Kraft American. It was a molten silky mass of cheddar goodness. All of this was nestled on a toasted roll, not your normal hamburger bun, slathered with mayo and BBQ sauce and topped with golden onion rings. I had to ask for a knife and fork as it was too big for the normal two handed hunch method of eating a burger. It had me at the first bite and it will draw you into its decadent clutches, as well.

In my opinion, if you want to experience what could possible be the best burger ever, you need to head on down to the Belmar Pub for lunch or dinner. On a good day, you can enjoy your meal out on their back patio and possibly catch a live performance from local area musicians.

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