Monday, May 11, 2015

Binghamton Bench Experience

There are quite a few of us who promote what is happening in and around Binghamton. Many focus on a particular event or venue either for personal and/or professional reasons. As one of these "promoters", I tend to forget that there is more to Binghamton than the businesses, the events and the daily restaurant specials. 

This past weekend, during a lull in the whirlwind of events, I found myself on a Court Street bench experiencing Binghamton from a forgotten perspective. It was an unseasonably warm evening, the sidewalk was busier than normal with couples strolling hand in hand and families pushing strollers taking in the cooling night air. No one seemed rushed during my people watching experience. They were relaxed and friendly; greeting each other and me with smiles and cheerful hellos. Occasionally, some would stop and point out a particular building or store front. I was quickly reminded that no matter how many new businesses open, how many special events are planned downtown or how much revitalization of the downtown infrastructure there is; the people of Binghamton are what truly matters.

We have a tendency to forget this. We get so caught up in who has the best dinner special or who has the next best musical act performing. We forget that these are just added bonuses. The true beauty of Binghamton can be seen from its benches along Court Street. All you need to do is grab a spot and create your own Binghamton Bench Experience.

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