Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Be Proud Binghamton Graduates; We Certainly Are

Around this time last year, I wrote a post to the 2014 Binghamton University graduates (Open Letter to Binghamton University Graduates). I toyed briefly with the idea of simply sharing it this year; but that would have been the easy way out. Why should I take the easier route when thousands of you made the conscious decision to pursue some of the most rigorous courses of study in the nation? You should all be extremely proud of your academic achievements over these last four years. 

More importantly, you should be proud of what your presence and engagement within the Binghamton community has achieved. There was so much more than the positive economic impact your presence here has had on our community. Many of you have gone above and beyond to volunteer your time, your talents and your enthusiasm to local organizations and causes in our community. We will be eternally grateful for the commitment you have shown your adopted hometown.

As you prepare to walk during graduation weekend, it will not only be your family and friends seated in the University Events Center cheering you on to a job well-done and a successful future. If you listen very closely, you will hear the cheering of the entire Binghamton community wishing you well as you begin the next chapter in your lives. 

Congratulations, Binghamton University Class of 2015! 

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