Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Binghamton's Spring Awakening

The Binghamton community does not need a calendar to remind it that Spring has arrived here in our corner of the world. As I sit here sipping my first cup of coffee of the day, I am reminded of the season just by the sunlight streaming through the kitchen window accompanied by the sounds of the birds chirping and the Binghamton DPW crew repairing the last remnants of winter - a pothole. 

However, it is much more than that. Somewhere around the the third week of March, the proverbial switch goes on and we become witnesses to (and soon to be recipients of) the tremendous amount of behind the scenes work put into the events we find ourselves looking forward to during the dreary months of winter.

Whether is it the Spring edition of Binghamton Restaurant Week, Roberson's Wine & Food Fest, the Children's Charity of Greater Binghamton's Easter Egg Hunt, Southern Tier Aids Program's Rock Star Celebrity Bartending Bash or the Greater Binghamton Bridge Run, just to name a few; Binghamton has officially awoken from its winter slumber. 

Granted, Mother Nature has a way of not fully cooperating. However, as I drove over the Chenango Street viaduct the other day and happily noticed that the snow had melted on Remlik's deck uncovering the tables and couches, I knew that we would soon see patrons out at those tables enjoying an evening meal or a cocktail. Soon, we will see the diners outside Sake-Tumi partaking in some Court Street people watching with their lunch or dinner. Finally, we will soon be hearing the sounds of live music emanating from Zona's Deck and from Parlor City Commons. 

I, for one, could not be more excited about what lies ahead in the coming months. What annual Spring event are you looking forward to?

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