Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Binghamton: Why I Stay?

One of the most frequent questions I hear is "why do you stay?" 

What is it about Binghamton that keeps me here? The children are grown so the common response, "I don't want to uproot them", no longer applies. I am a renter so there is no mortgage and homeowner responsibilities holding me back. Finally, I am currently between jobs. In fact, commonsense would dictate that I would have better luck finding employment in a more economically secure community. I am free to move anywhere I want; but even without these normal ties, I simply do not want to.

There is something about Binghamton that tugs at the heart. It is difficult to pinpoint one specific reason. It could be the increased vibrancy of the downtown core or the prospect of so many new businesses opening up. Maybe it is the increase in the amount of people with smiles walking the sidewalks. Yes, even the influx of students downtown have had a positive effect on my love for Binghamton.

However, no matter what the reason, I love Binghamton. I enjoy writing this blog and promoting all that makes me smile about our city. It is the often overlooked events, businesses, nonprofit organizations that reinforce my love for this area. It is the ever changing landscape; the revitalization process in all its glory. Finally, it is all of you that keep me going.

Knowing that there are others that hold this place we call home dear is definitely a contributing factor. For that, I say thank you.