Friday, October 3, 2014

A Look Back on Summer 2014

All too often you hear or read how Binghamton and the surrounding area are ghost towns during the summer.  Many chalk it up to the fact that the college students have all gone home.  Well, let's put that fallacy to rest and reflect back on the last three months. 

Much has happened here in our little corner of the world. The Binghamton has played host to an array of events and activities catering to its diverse population.  

It seemed that there was something happening in Binghamton every weekend during the Summer of 2014.  Being just one person, I was physically and financially unable to attend each and every event I was invited to.  However, of the festivals, fundraisers, races and art walks that I was able to be at; each and every one of them were well attended by real live people; not ghosts; as is the popular belief.

June brought us Pride Palooza, Juneteenth, the dedication of Phelps Park and the "Glee" invasion; among others.

20th Binghamton Pride Palooza

One of the many Glee sightings around the City

Binghamton's new splash pad at Columbus Park during Juneteenth

Phelps Park dedication on Binghamton's North Side
July was kicked off with the July Art Walk followed by, yet, another successful JulyFest.

Lauren Hering photography showing during July Art Walk

JulyFest 2014

Finally, August brought me to the Anti-Heroin Awareness event, Roberson's RiverFest, the Fresh Food Face Off, St. Mary's Bazaar, the Dick's Sporting Goods Open, Galaxy Brewing Company's 1st Anniversary, Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally and the Chris Thater Memorial.

Dick's Sporting Goods Open

Fresh Food Face Off

Galaxy Brewing Company celebrates its 1st Anniversary

"I'm Dope with Dope" Heroin Awareness Event

Roberson's RiverFest

St. Mary's Bazaar

Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally

Chris Thater Memorial Races

Again, this is just a small sampling of what Binghamton had to offer during the summer.  There was many more events that I was not able to personally attend due to several extenuating circumstances; many beyond my control.  However, they were just as important to promoting our area and enhancing our community pride.  Keep the invitations coming and, in return, I will do my best to be there when I can.

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