Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beneath the Funnel Cake & Music: Binghamton Shines

Over the past several weeks, downtown Binghamton has been host to several community festivals and events. The summer kicked off with Pride Palooza, followed by Juneteenth and, most recently, JulyFest. These are just the beginning of a full summer slate of festivals, events and bazaars planned between now and the fall.

No matter the theme, nonprofit organization or even the delightfulness of the funnel cakes and corn dogs; each and every one of these events succeed in showcasing Binghamton's best attribute ~ Community Pride.

Thank you to the organizers of each and every one of the events that have both occurred and are planned in the near future.  It is through your dedication, hard work and, yes, love of Binghamton that we all shine.

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