Sunday, June 8, 2014

Peeling Away Binghamton's Many Layers

All too often I find myself being asked, "Why Binghamton?" My pat response has and always will be "Why not?".

Binghamton can easily be compared to an onion. Now, before you start complaining about the comparison; hear me out.  

First, there are the layers. As you peel back each one, there is always something more.  Too many people see Binghamton as one-dimensional. They do not take the time to delve deeper into the community.  In order to truly appreciate this area, one must venture outside their comfort zones and take in the entire Binghamton experience. I have found that too many would rather complain about negatives and ignore the positives when it comes to the area.

Secondly, there is the pungency. Yes, initially an onion can be pungent. To newcomers to the area; certain areas of Binghamton may also appear repugnant. Particularly, to those coming from the neat and tidy bedroom communities downstate. Just as an onion takes on a special sweetness when allowed to cook and caramelize; so does Binghamton. Judging an area at first glance does both yourself and the area a disservice. 

Sure, we may not be the prettiest of cities nor may we be the most exciting; however, we do have a lot to offer.  All you need to do is peel back the layers.

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