Saturday, April 5, 2014

Once, There Was A Place....

Sunset over the Chenango River, Binghamton NY
Once, there was a place;  a sad and dreary place.  Even the prominent color throughout this land was grey.  It was that certain shade of grey that had a tendency to grip you at your very core.  The one shade that made everything and everyone it touched become colder, drearier and just plain miserable.
Then something began to change.  It was not a dramatic change.  It was actually imperceptible at first; but it was a change nonetheless. Slowly the gray began to wash away.  Not because of what one person or group did or said.  It was a combination of factors and a combination of people who all had one thing in common; their love for this place they called home.
It was a consensus of vision.  A vision of home that demanded a change. A change in appearance,a change in color and, most importantly, a change in attitude.  It was time to wash the grey out of everyone’s hearts.

To all the groups, organizations, and individuals who strive everyday to add another splash of color from their positive attitude palettes, I thank you. This place thanks you.  You have not only shone light on the beauty of this place; but you have helped to open others’ hearts allowing the grey to  wash away.

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