Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Are Community

Like many of you in the Binghamton area, the first sign that something was wrong in the downtown core this morning was the huge cloud of black smoke rising above the city.  I had a clear view of it as I embarked on my morning commute toward Endicott.  It wasn't until a little later that the constant barrage of Facebook and Twitter notifications began to hit my cell phone.  I tried my best to share with you as much as I could until my phone battery finally gave out. 

It wasn't until almost 11 hours after the first alarm sounded, and I was home, that I was able to comprehend the full extent of what occurred today.

Reading through the news reports and the numerous Facebook and Twitter posts; one thing was clearly obvious.  Binghamton residents and business owners set aside their political, social and economic differences today.  They all came together as a community; lending their moral support for the Ellis family, the surrounding businesses and, of course, the Binghamton Fire Department.  There were no cynical or sarcastic comments. There has been no blaming or conspiracy theories.

This overwhelming sense of community is quintessential Binghamton.  Ellis Brothers Fine Furniture has already announced that they will rebuild. It is obvious the Binghamton is as important to the Ellis family as they have been to Binghamton.  Binghamton did not let them down today. In fact, Binghamton did not let itself down today. This is just another example of why I love Binghamton.

Monday, April 28, 2014

It took a Cool Down to Heat Things Up

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The Greater Binghamton Bridge Run is less than a week away and I am starting to get excited. No, I am not a runner and, to be honest, I don't have any plans to ever become one. 

However, the Bridge Run and its signature post-race event "The Cool Down" will always hold special places in my heart. It was a chance meeting during the 2013 "Cool Down" that the seeds for Patti Loves Bing were sown.  

A year ago, I was at a loss. I was trying to come up with a way to give back to a community full of some amazing people and organizations who give of their time, energy and love to make this a better place to live. My financial resources were extremely limited making the usual route of attending as many fundraising events as possible not feasible. 

It was at this chance meeting a year ago, during "The Cool Down", that a friend suggested I brand myself as Patti Loves Bing; that I highlight all that was good about Binghamton - the places, the people, the food, and, of course, the many nonprofit organizations. 

I am extending an invitation to all who are in or near Binghamton on Sunday, May 4th to come on out to "The Cool Down 2014".  Follow the Cool Down trail. Who knows? You may also find yourself embarking on an incredible journey just as I did. If not, at least you can partake of the specials being offered at the different venues; many of which are available to all; not just the runners.  You never know; you may even happen upon an impromptu Patti Loves Bing 1st Birthday party.

For more information on the Greater Binghamton Bridge Run, check out their Facebook page here and their website here.  Information on The Cool Down can be found on Facebook here and on their website here.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Once, There Was A Place....

Sunset over the Chenango River, Binghamton NY
Once, there was a place;  a sad and dreary place.  Even the prominent color throughout this land was grey.  It was that certain shade of grey that had a tendency to grip you at your very core.  The one shade that made everything and everyone it touched become colder, drearier and just plain miserable.
Then something began to change.  It was not a dramatic change.  It was actually imperceptible at first; but it was a change nonetheless. Slowly the gray began to wash away.  Not because of what one person or group did or said.  It was a combination of factors and a combination of people who all had one thing in common; their love for this place they called home.
It was a consensus of vision.  A vision of home that demanded a change. A change in appearance,a change in color and, most importantly, a change in attitude.  It was time to wash the grey out of everyone’s hearts.

To all the groups, organizations, and individuals who strive everyday to add another splash of color from their positive attitude palettes, I thank you. This place thanks you.  You have not only shone light on the beauty of this place; but you have helped to open others’ hearts allowing the grey to  wash away.