Monday, August 12, 2013

Binghamton, We Are Better Than That!

In a matter of minutes this afternoon, Facebook and Twitter were all atwitter (pardon the pun) over the prospect of the President of the United States visiting the area next week.

For the most part, the comments I read were positive with some borderline sarcastic with references to the roundabout and the Front Street overpass. However, I was dismayed to read a local reporter comment on what he found to be disgusting and racist commentary being posted on their website. Thankfully, the news organization was on top of things and deleted the offensive comments.

We are all entitled to our personal opinions of the man behind the office. As Americans and Binghamton residents, we should all stand together and acknowledge that having the leader of our country visit this area is a BIG DEAL.  Now more than ever, we need to outwardly show our pride in this city and promote how far it has come over the last several years.

Yes, it is not perfect.  Honestly, no city or town is perfect.  The closest anyone has come to utopia is Seahaven from The Truman Show.  Even there, Truman Burbank knew there was something missing.  But I digress.

Rather than planning rallies or protests, let's plan to pay extra attention to how our city looks.  Even taking the extra step to pick up a stray piece of trash from the sidewalk downtown will not only help make the President's first impression more pleasant; it will also make you feel a little better.

Think about it realistically for a moment.  The President makes a stop in the city of Binghamton while on a tour from Pennsylvania to upstate New York.  It will make national news.  Would you rather see Binghamton shown in a positive or negative light?  I, for one vote, for the positive image.

Binghamton is so rich in history and full of so much promise.  We all need to work together to fulfill that promise.  


  1. i would vote for the realistic image of a city with nearly half the population below the poverty line...the image of the rust belt.

    1. The President has those figures and is probably well aware of their importance. Rather than accepting this figures, we need to work together with government officials (local, state and national), business leaders and average citizens (from the richest to the poorest) to fix the problems. All too often we hear about the negatives with no real solutions put forth. What positives there are seem to be swept under the rug.