Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Binghamton's Weather Infatuation

Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Google +, we seem to be bombarded with posts and pictures of the weather.  Local Binghamton posts are no different.  We are either complaining it's too cold, too hot, too dry or too wet.  It makes no difference what season of the year it is, we all have our two cents to add when it comes to Binghamton's weather.

Unfortunately, it seems that many of us tend to lean toward the negative rather than the positive when it comes to the weather in Binghamton.  With the exception of a catastrophic weather event (i.e. the 100 year floods that seem to come every 5 years), we should celebrate the change of seasons and all that they entail.  

There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of new fallen snow on the trees surrounding us; or the vivid green of the lawn after a good Spring rain. The Summer sun beating down on us during the day turning into a glorious sunset at dusk can only be described as a miracle of nature.  Don't get me started on the vibrant landscape that surrounds us as Autumn takes hold.

So the next time someone posts a complaint regarding Binghamton weather, be a good neighbor and remind them that every cloud does in fact have a silver lining (thought you would get through this without that old cliche, didn't you?).  Be proud of Binghamton and all it has to offer; including the weather. It would be awfully boring if it was sunny and 72 degrees 365 days per year. 

photo credit: Kyle Seeley

photo credit: Kyle Seeley
photo credit: Remlik's

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