Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Binghamton's Weather Infatuation

Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Google +, we seem to be bombarded with posts and pictures of the weather.  Local Binghamton posts are no different.  We are either complaining it's too cold, too hot, too dry or too wet.  It makes no difference what season of the year it is, we all have our two cents to add when it comes to Binghamton's weather.

Unfortunately, it seems that many of us tend to lean toward the negative rather than the positive when it comes to the weather in Binghamton.  With the exception of a catastrophic weather event (i.e. the 100 year floods that seem to come every 5 years), we should celebrate the change of seasons and all that they entail.  

There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of new fallen snow on the trees surrounding us; or the vivid green of the lawn after a good Spring rain. The Summer sun beating down on us during the day turning into a glorious sunset at dusk can only be described as a miracle of nature.  Don't get me started on the vibrant landscape that surrounds us as Autumn takes hold.

So the next time someone posts a complaint regarding Binghamton weather, be a good neighbor and remind them that every cloud does in fact have a silver lining (thought you would get through this without that old cliche, didn't you?).  Be proud of Binghamton and all it has to offer; including the weather. It would be awfully boring if it was sunny and 72 degrees 365 days per year. 

photo credit: Kyle Seeley

photo credit: Kyle Seeley
photo credit: Remlik's

Monday, July 15, 2013

Outdoor Dining Is Alive & Thriving In Downtown Binghamton

For many Binghamton residents, the closest we have come to experiencing dining under stars; with the exception of the backyard picnic table, has been from the occasional movie depicting the many outdoor sidewalk bistros in such far off places as Paris, Rome and, even, New York City.  We no longer need to live vicariously through the eyes of a camera lens or our world traveling friends and family.

Binghamton has many outdoor dining options with more being added each summer. Each restaurant has gone to great lengths to add their own spin on the dining al fresco experience. There are menu options for every palate and budget from fine French Cuisine, Lobster, Burritos, Binghamton's version of the Garbage Plate, Burgers, and Oysters.  Below is a brief run down of those I have frequented recently with links to their respective Facebook pages.

Nestled between State and Washington Streets you can enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner from either Tom & Marty's, Uncle Tony's or Dillinger's Celtic Pub & Eatery; all of which offer occasional live local bands.

Just around the corner on Hawley toward Washington St and you can find yourself relaxing on the Zona & Co. Grille's Deck; perfect for people watching or listening to the sounds of live local bands.

Not to be missed is Binghamton Hots' recent entry into the outdoor dining experience on Washington St. A perfect setting for a quick, delicious lunch followed by a leisurely stroll down gorgeous Washington Street for a little bit of shopping.

Remlik's entered the outdoor dining scene just last year with the grand opening of their deck overlooking the rail yard.  It's location offers amazing views of the summer sunsets to the west.

If a great view of the fireworks while enjoying a cocktail with some friends is your cup of tea; then be sure to check out the outdoor seating at Tranquil Bar & Bistro on Pine Street.  Being one block away from NYSEG Stadium puts you up close and personal.

If being right in the heart of downtown on Court Street is more your style, then check out Sake-Tumi.  Whether enjoying a meal or simply an after work cocktail, you never know what you may find right near by.  If you are lucky,  you might spy a belly dancer performing or drum circle practicing outside neighboring Imagicka and Merlin's Dance Club, Wine Bar & Lounge.

I am sure I may have missed some outdoor dining options along the way; for that, my apologies.   Meanwhile, make it a point to check out why many of us are excited about Binghamton and all it has to offer.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

51st Annual July Fest / Music & Jazz Festival A Success

Congratulations to the Downtown Binghamton Business Association for what appears to have been a very successful July Fest.  In the many years that I have attended, I must admit that this is the first time that I actually found it difficult to work my way through the crowd of people.  That is a wonderful feeling to have.  

Not only is it a positive reflection on the event and its organizers; it is also a clear confirmation that the City of Binghamton's revitalization is on the right track.

Many will argue that our road to recovery is being borne solely on the backs of the university students.  I beg to differ to some extent.  This event was held at a time of the year when the students are not in residence.  The attendees were your average Binghamton area families.  Even though the presence of the students will have an impact on our revitalization, we must never forget those that are here for the long haul.  It is the combination of the two groups; working together, that makes BInghamton great!